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PRG supports organizations competing for business in the federal government domain. Located in Washington, DC, PRG provides strategic proposal development guidance, process consulting, training, and knowledge management services.


PRG has dedicated over 25 years to researching proposal development. We have analyzed business development practices and the business development life cycle, resulting in a system focused on best practices in proposal and knowledge management. This system helps organizations grow their business and increase their win rate through high-quality proposals and presentations.


PRG has assisted hundreds of organizations from government entities, defense contractors, to Nonprofit Agencies and small businesses resulting in billions of dollars in successful contract awards.

Procurement & Engagement Types – RFP, RFQ, RFI, Sources Sought, BAA, IDIQ, MAC, BPA, GWACs, Tenders, Briefings, and White Papers.

Domain Expertise – Defense, Information Technology, Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V), Aviation, Aerospace, Intelligence, Facility Management, Help Desk, Call Center, and Product Manufacturing.


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About Prg eLearn

What is the main focus of PRG Learn?

We offer specialized proposal development training for Nonprofit Agencies bidding to federal, state, and local governments to sustain their essential missions. Our training is designed to demystify the complex proposal system, providing access to the best practice processes used by large corporations.

Why choose PRG Learn for proposal training?

PRG Learn is customized for your community. We understand the unique challenges and needs of Nonprofit Agencies and have tailored our training to meet these specific requirements. We don't just teach proposal writing; we provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire process. Learners are empowered to approach bidding opportunities confidently, helping them to support their critical missions.

How does PRG Learn simplify the proposal system?

PRG Learn has taken the complex proposal system and distilled it into a series of clear, easy-to-follow courses. Each course breaks down different aspects of the proposal process, making it easier to understand and navigate. We help learners grow their skills and confidence in proposal management, technical writing, and supporting roles on a proposal team. This approach ensures that anyone, regardless of their prior experience, can engage with and understand the business development lifecycle.

How does the PRG Learn Program work?

The PRG Learn Program operates as an online learning platform dedicated to providing comprehensive training in proposal management specifically designed for nonprofits.

Once you enroll in our program, you gain access to a wealth of modules that guide you through every step of the proposal process for government contracts. We break down complex processes into manageable segments, from understanding the bid invitation to drafting a compelling proposal.

Here is what you can expect:

On-Demand Learning: Our courses are accessible anytime, anywhere, to fit your busy schedule. You can progress at your own pace without strict deadlines or timelines.

Interactive Content: Our program includes video lectures, quizzes, practical assignments, and reading materials to accommodate different learning styles.

Hands-On Training: We provide real-world examples and assignments to give you practical experience crafting effective proposals.

Community Support: You will be part of a community of learners and professionals, offering mutual support and sharing experiences.

Expert Guidance: Under the expert guidance of Dr. Kate Rosengreen, you will receive instruction grounded in real-world experience and proven success.

By the end of the program, you will have not only a theoretical understanding of the proposal process but also practical skills that you can immediately apply.

Why is the PRG Learn approach effective?

We are committed to delivering best practice consulting services that bring value to your organization and ensure the success of your proposal.

PRG Learn's approach is based on four key principles:

Real-World Experience: With Dr. Rosengreen's 25 years of experience in the industry, our courses are based on first-hand knowledge and proven strategies. We don't just teach theories; we provide practical insights and tips that have been proven to work in the real world. This helps learners understand not just the "how" but also the "why" behind successful proposal strategies.

Tailored Learning: We understand that everyone learns differently, so we offer a range of interactive content, including video lectures, quizzes, assignments, and reading materials. This varied approach caters to different learning styles and ensures learners can grasp concepts effectively.

Flexible, On-Demand Courses: Our courses are designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate busy schedules. With the ability to learn at your own pace and revisit materials as needed, you can tailor your learning experience to your needs and availability.