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Proposal Development and Management: Build Your Business is a comprehensive program that streamlines the proposal process to equip you with the skills to effectively create, manage, and optimize your proposals.

The training is comprised of a series of self-paced learning courses supported by Instructor-led workshops and specialty webinars.  Learn how to plan proposal content and strategically apply proven techniques and tools based on proposal best practices.

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We offer a wide range of courses that are specifically designed for different roles in the proposal development process ensuring that learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to help win proposals. Select from the following courses based on your specific interests and needs.

Proposal Fundamentals for Nonprofit Agencies [PFA101-1]

Learn the essentials of proposal development specifically tailored for nonprofit organizations.

Desktop Publishing Your Proposals [PFA101-2]

Master the art of creating polished and professional proposals using desktop publishing tools and techniques.

Master Your Past Performance [PFA101-3]

Discover how to effectively showcase your past performance and leverage it to win future contracts.

Write & Edit Persuasive Proposals [PFA101-4]

Hone your writing and editing skills to craft compelling and persuasive proposals that capture the attention of evaluators.

Proposal Management Bootcamp [PFA101-5]

Dive into the fundamentals of proposal management, including planning, coordination, and team collaboration.

Management Plan Essentials [PFA101-6]

Gain a solid understanding of developing effective management plans to demonstrate your organization's capabilities.

Staff Your Contract [PFA101-7]

Learn strategies for identifying and assembling the right team to meet the requirements of your contract.

Enhance Your Proposals with Graphics [PFA101-8]

Explore the power of visual elements and discover how to incorporate graphics effectively to enhance the impact of your proposals.

Knowledge Library Management [Advanced PFA201]

Discover techniques for organizing and managing your organization's knowledge library to streamline the proposal development process.

Design Unsolicited Proposals [Advanced PFA202]

Learn how to create compelling unsolicited proposals that grab attention and generate new business opportunities.

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Designed as a comprehensive set of learning tracks that equip you with the essential tools and skills to create compelling and competitive proposals.

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