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Win more business.

Proposal Resource Group offers a diverse range of Business Development services — from proposal management, consulting services, and training — to empower your team to produce high-quality proposals.

PRG has decades of experience developing successful proposals for government agencies. Our effective strategies position you to develop and deliver responsive and customer-focused proposals which are essential to grow your business.

A rowing team, poised and ready for a training session on a serene lake. Their teamwork and determination reflect the qualities essential for empowering a proposal development team, like focus and endurance.

Assisting every step of the way.

Consulting Services

As professionals with more than 25 years in proposal development, we are skilled to address your proposal challenges. We analyze proposal processes and identify areas of improvement to optimize your BD systems.


Proposal Development

Simplify your proposal process to remain competitive. Streamline your proposal infrastructure to significantly improve the quality of your proposals. We offer proposal development services to assist your organization to produce effective, compliant, and compelling proposals.


PRG applies knowledge gained from our 25 years experience  delivering comprehensive solutions to  a variety of government agencies. The Proposal Development and Management: Build Your Business Program is available as eLearning and instructor-led courses.